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Hand Soap & Sanitiser

Touch Free 1000ml Liquid/Sanitser Soap Dispenser

Touch Free 1000ml Liquid/Sanitser Soap Dispenser


Product Features:
 Dispenses liquid/sanitiser soap (0.6ml Shot size)
 Suitable for most soaps and gels on the market
 Viewing window to check soap volume
 Drip tray included
 Branding available
 ABS plastic
 Available in liquid, foam or spray

Touch Free 1000ml
Liquid/Sanitiser Soap Dispenser
The new 1 Ltr auto soap dispenser is a neat, simple solution where sanitising is paramount. With the
infrared sensor soap is dispensed automatically avoiding hand touch and any potential cross
contamination. Dispensing 0.6ml liquid per use is the perfect dosage of hand sanitiser for whole hand
The unit operates either with x4 C sized batteries (Not included) or can be connected to the mains
using a DC plug (Not included). This contains all the relative screw holes for an easy

Height: 250mm 

Width: 150mm 

Depth: 120mm

Capacity: 1000ml