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Disinfectant and Fabric & Upholstery Sanitiser

SurSol Surface Disinfectant - KILLS CORONAVIRUS - Various Sizes

SurSol Surface Disinfectant - KILLS CORONAVIRUS - Various Sizes


Tested to and passed: EN 14476:2013.

Assessment Conclusion

All test methods were performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO: IEC 17025.

The test results relate only to the product listed in this report.

Stability of product: This product complies with relevant legal regulations.

Based on the information derived, the Chemical/Microbiological assessment shows the sample to be assessed as Microbiologically safe and free of any forbidden hazardous Chemical components and contaminants.

Having completed and passed this test, Sursol Disinfectant Sample from McKLords UK Limited can be labelled as tested to BS.EN 14476 standards and specifications in support of any claim relating to the test and data reported.

Disinfectant Sample Product  possesses maximum antimicrobial effect against all the Gram-positive as well as Gram-negative bacteria used in the assessment. The assessment found this Sanitizer to have an efficacy of not less than 99.99% bacterial and virucidal reduction including corona virus and enveloped virus.