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Premium Dispenser Range

Standard Centre Feed Paper Roll Dispenser Premium

Standard Centre Feed Paper Roll Dispenser Premium


White Plastic Standard Centre feed Dispenser

 This lockable Centre feed dispenser is made from very tough white ABS plastic. This makes it both strong and durable. The silky smooth exterior has been finished with a nice shine which makes the unit not only look good, it also helps keeping it clean easier.
The blue coloured “teardrop” in the centre of the unit is translucent, which is not only decorative it is used to easily inspect the amount of centre feed remaining. This is to save time by not having to open the unit for a full inspection.
The centre feed dispenser is fully compatible with both perforated and un-perforated paper, it also features a unique tear-off cleat mechanism and flow restrictor plate, which cleverly avoids paper wastage.
With good looks, ease of use, and maintenance This centre feed dispenser would fit perfectly into any environment. From high use areas, to the washrooms facilities of corporate buildings.
  • standard pack one dispenser per carton, including - fixing screws, wall plugs and key
  • materials ABS cover, back-plate and window
  • suitability perforated or un-perforated centre-pull rolls with a maximum height of 230mm
  • capacity max diameter 205mm 
  • dimensions (mm)  H350 x W230 x D235