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Esfina Z-fold White "Premium" 2ply Paper Hand Towel

Esfina Z-fold White "Premium" 2ply Paper Hand Towel



These Esfina Z-fold white premium hand towels have the perfect balance of quality verse price. As one of the exclusive suppliers of Esfina we are able to offer you these z-fold white hand towels at substantially discounted  prices. You will not find these prices anywhere else.
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Each z-fold white paper towel is made from silky soft, strong and highly absorbent paper which is made from pure virgin pulp. Being pure pulp is what gives it it’s lovely creamy colour.(other manufactures sometimes use recycled pulp to save money. The recycled pulp needs to be highly bleached hence the bright white finish).

These z-folds towels are folded into a Z profile as its the easiest way to make sure that when dispensed your next towel is "reloaded" ready to use (the Z profile is interfolded into each other giving it a non-stop function). The z-fold towel has been superseded by the interfold profile and is getting increasingly more difficult to obtain.