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Esfina Paper

Esfina Premium Mini-Jumbo Toilet Rolls 60mm core

Esfina Premium Mini-Jumbo Toilet Rolls 60mm core


White 2ply Mini Jumbo Toilet rolls with 60mm (2 1/4")  Core.

Mini jumbo's are the happy medium between the standard domestic sized toilet rolls and the commercial sized Maxi Jumbo's.

The domestic sized toilet rolls only have 35M of paper per roll. Our premium range mini jumbos have a full 150M per roll which is just over 4 times the size! Which also means you only haver to change them 4 times less often which is great for high use area's.

The main gain of the mini jumbo over the Jumbo and Maxi-jumbo is size. With half the paper the mini jumbo is nearly half the size which also means the dispensers are half the size too.

The other benefits to the mini jumbo rolls over the domestic sized toilet rolls is the fact that the mini jumbo dispensers are fully lockable making theft of the roll a lot more difficult (also the "want" is less as who has a mini jumbo dispenser they can use at home!)


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Our premium range is manufactured by Esfina. As one of the main suppliers of the Esfina range of products we are able to offer you these premium mini jumbos at substantially discounted prices. To see further discounts click here to see our per pallet range  

Each Esfina mini jumbo toilet roll is made from silky soft, strong and highly absorbent 2ply white paper, This paper is made from pure virgin pulp. Being pure pulp is what gives the toilet tissue it’s lovely creamy colour.( sometimes other manufactures use recycled pulp to save money. The recycled pulp needs to be highly bleached hence the bright white finish).


  • Colour: White
  • Ply:  2ply
  • Lentgh: 150m
  • Width: 95mm
  • Rolls per case: 12

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