Really, the Guinness Book of Records and Toilet Rolls?

We came across an old email with a link to the Guinness book of records challenge site. I have included the link in this blog so you too can see what we where challenged to do. Now the challenge looked easy and to be fair doing what we do we should it should have been easy and we should have been great at it.Now I have tried it I’m not so sure.

So I better tell you what the challenge is and give you the link to the Guinness book of records website so you can make up your own minds. The challenge is to stack as many normal size toilet rolls as you can in 30 seconds and for the stack to stay in place and not topple for 10 seconds.

Now when I first heard this I thought it would be a doddle and you should be able to get 15-20 high no problem. Is it really that easy? Have a look here what can you do here: ?

I’m going to have a bit of a practice and try and few different manufactures toilet rolls to see who’s is the strongest and most likely to succeed. I am quite confident it won’t be the 200 sheet rolls as they will be too flimsy. The 320 sheet Esfina domestic toilet rolls will be a good one along with the extra luxury rolls.

I would love to have a go with mini jumbo’s and with full size jumbos I bet you could get really high as they are so much wider and stronger. It would be interesting to see how high you could stack the toilet rolls full stop period without a time limit. You would definitely need a fork lift truck or some sort of raising platform, or would you reach a balance point only after 15 ft?

So how high did you get and could you be the record holder? I know I did not do very well.


World Toilet Day What Did You Do?

Did you even know there was a world toilet day? Should you have known?


Want to know more then watch this video intersting stuff for sure.


Your thoughts?

Why Buy Brands Like TORK

Why would you buy a TORK branded product over a non branded product. Ok, so you have a name you know, a name you can trust but what are you actually buying when you buy a TORK product?
Did you know that SCA are the owner/ manufacturer of the TORK products? Did you also know that in 2012 they were winners of the WWF awards for the most eco friendly business?
When you buy paper disposable products from TORK you are buying 100% recycled and environmentally friendly products.
So if they are recycled they should be cheaper right? Wrong. Believe it or not it can often cost more to recycle. Initially this does not seem to make sense. Why would you do this then? Well, we all want to do our part to save the world and with de-forestation at an all time high this is one simple, easy way of making a difference and it’s a way that you don’t even have to think about.
You will read about how recycling paper can be more hazardous to the environment than actually logging trees and in some ways it can be if not done correctly. This is the reason why TORK products are more expensive than non branded products seen on online auctions. They care about the environment, use quality processes to recycle so as not to pollute the water ways or to introduce “used ink” into landfills.
Also with TORK products they do exactly what they say on the tin. Take the TORK Reflex wiper roll for example. It is innovative in that it will only give you one sheet at a time as the dispenser only allows one sheet dispensing, therefor you will only take what you need and not a whole handful of paper. Initially the TORK Reflex Wiper Dispenser roll appears to be more expensive than a standard centre feed roll but it lasts longer, is made from higher quality paper and has a recycled theme.
To the unwise buying cheap is good and it may even say environmentally friendly but if it’s unbranded what guarantee do you have that it actually is. Ultimately the decision is yours however it’s always advantageous to make the decision based on all the available information. Buying branded gives you this option.

New Centerfeed Rolls Range

OK so we have been busy today. We have added a number of new products to our centerfeed range of paper rolls.

These are from our favorite manufacturer Esfina, they are slightly smaller in both length and height compared to our premium range, and represent great value for money.Centerfeed blue roll

Do have a look and give me some feedback on your thoughts. Are they too expensive? Not long enough?

Remember these centerfeed rolls are used in many applications and often seen on garage forecourts, used by mechanics and often industrial wiping applications.

The centerfeed blue rolls are often used in food preparation areas too.

Lotus went Tork

I thought I would write to tell you more about the lotus z-fold paper towels we supply. The Lotus marathon and normal z-fold paper towels are one of most popular supplied hand towels.

But did you know that the Lotus brand has been brought by SCA? They are the people that brought you Tork. Now the same quality products you know and trust are still available to buy. They have just been relabeled with a Tork badge instead of a Lotus one.

Lotus was a well known name and was manufactured to a very high standard however still managed to stay reasonably priced. This could be why their paper towels are still so popular and teh reason Tork found them an interest brand to buy.

The Lotus brand used to be owned by Gerorgia Pacific which was an extremly well known company that exports paper products all over the world.

We also supply the z-fold and marathan dispensers for the new Tork range of z-folded paper towels.

You can see more from our range of Tork products here: supplies a full range of paper disposables from many of the worlds biggest names alongside Tork such as Kimberley Clark, Esfina and many more.

take a look through our online store to browse and buy in safety. Lotus-Tork Logo