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 Why you should alway have Gloves

The big freeze has gripped Britain and its fair to say we have survived quite well so far. The snow in the West Midlands is all but gone and only hung around for the weekend which must have been great for the kids. I remember the snow last year it causes so much disruption to how deliveries and also our stock levels as we could not get deliveries to us.

So far this year all of our toilet rolls, hand towels and soaps have gone out on time and have been delivered as anticipated. It’s a good job as a number of our customers wait until they run out before the place their orders and nobody ever wants to run out of toilet roll or hand soap do they?

We do try and highlight to our customers that although we are good sometimes things take a couple of days to get to you so always makes sure you have at least 4-5 days of products left before you place the order.

We have considered looking at different ways to combat these issues as one of our local schools contacted us at a little past 9.45 am one morning all in a panic, they wanted a box of 100 latex gloves ok we thought why only a 100 as they normally buy 3,000 at a time. It turned out they where completely out of gloves and if they didn’t get them by 11.30 they would not be able to feed the children!

Now we could not let the infant school down so we managed to get one of the drivers back to the depot and out to them just in time. And no we did not take just one box of 100 gloves as they would be in the same boat in two days time!  

So our solution was to look at putting an impressed stock at the school and just going every week with a van full of gloves and just top up the supply and bill them for what they have used. This way they would always have two weeks supply on the shelf and we could organise this into one of our normal deliver runs.

I shall let you know how we get on. If you would like an impressed stock don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Changing Times

You know that everybody is looking for value for money at the moment and this is totally understandable. We are in a recession after all and it does not matter what the economists suggest otherwise this is the worst time to do any form of business other that companies that look after people in debt that is!

So how does the state of the economy and cleaning and hygiene supplies have any form of relationship? Well it’s quite obvious to us that there has been a shift in the market place. Let’s be fair there are fewer companies out there so there are fewer customers for us however we have seen a steady incline in new customers. And the ones that are left have shed staff and as such they do not use so many toilet rolls, hand towels or use as much soap or black bags. Ok they still use the same amount of floor cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, hover bags and of course latex gloves as most companies still have the same amount of floor and surfaces just less staff.

So what is my point to this? Well you would have thought that hygiene as a whole is and would be something most people would take as a given however we have noticed another shift in the type of toilet rolls, paper hand towels and soap that companies are buying. Years ago they would be buying brands such as Kimberly Clark, Lotus, Tork and all the other well known brands. They would also look at environmentally friendly products. However many people are looking to buy our quality but less known brand
Esfina and our standard range of toilet rolls and hand soap.

The environmentally friendly products are not as popular now as they are a little more expensive compared to other ranges and times are tough. Now there will be a number of readers that would disagree with those statements however I would urge them to speak to their local schools and council buildings and ask if they are using 100%
environmentally friendly products and I would wager they are not!       
Four in a bed what?
I wonder how many Hotels Bed & Breakfasts are as clean as they should be let alone could be. Have any of you seen that new series on the TV called four in a bed? If you haven’t watched it they get four hospitality owners to go and stay in each other’s guest houses, hotels etc and then rate the accommodation, hospitality, food etc. They then “pay the host” what they feel they deserve not what the host may price the room at.

It’s  pretty enlightening programme as they all want to win some more than others so they are extremely critical of each other and the first thing that everybody on the programme does is look for dust, hairs and areas that have not been cleaned correctly.

Now it’s the cleanliness bit that really bothers me on the programme. Now these people have obviously written in or being invited to take part so they know what is in store for them. They know when the guests will be arriving but many still do not clean the room to a respectable standard. Now this is all being filmed and shown on national TV.

How many guests do they think they will be getting moving forward when the TV guests found unsightly hairs in the bed and thick layers of dust on the wardrobes and under the bed had not been hovered for months and there is mould growing in the bathroom?
I just do not understand why these hospitality owners do not pay hundreds of pounds employing external commercial cleaners to go over the whole property from top to toe three times over as a matter of course even if you keep the best accommodation it’s just plain business sense right?

Not even taking into account this should be done as standard as people are expected to pay £100+ a night for most of these rooms with some of the rooms being £175+ I have stayed in accommodation at £50 a night that have been better prepared than some of them it beggars belief.

And that’s before we get onto the subject of what guest soap or shampoo they offer.
More next time or if you want to view the whole range of our hotel supplies at www.hotelguestsupplies.co.uk
What is being talked about today?

 So what is in today’s blog of interest for you and importantly why should you continue to read?
Well the reason you should continue to read is because this is a compelling story and you want to know more about c fold paper towels. Ok so you are probably asking what a c-fold paper hand towel is and this is a very good question.
A c-fold paper hand towel is as the name suggests a towel made from paper designed to dry hands you know the ones you find in public toilets in schools, restaurants, bars and probably at work too. Now what you probably do not know ( unless you are the care taker the cleaner or the person that orders these products that paper hand towels come in many colours shapes and sizes.
So how many shapes do they come in and why are they different shapes. Well to be fair shape is the wrong word as all towels start with one shape (well all except the roller hand towels and that’s a different story all together) Each paper towel is a square/ oblong sheet of paper which is folded in a unique way ( hence the c fold part of the name). They are “folded” into different designs as each design has a different purpose and has a different name to denote this purpose.
There are three main types of folded paper hand towels with a few new products coming to the market place. There is the C-fold the Interfold (V-fold S-fold and I-fold) and the slightly older design of Z-fold. Now as we already suggested each type is folded differently for a reason and the c-fold is folded the way it is as it is the largest paper towel when fully unfolded so is folded multiple times to try not to take up too much space in the paper towel dispenser.
The c-fold paper hand towel is one of the most common towels you will come across as they are cheap to buy however do not represent the best value in money and this will be discussed in further blogs.
What are you Doing?
Ok I have decided that I want to run a bit of a competition. The competition comprises of:
The silliest, most unusual and most bizarre thing you can do with a
toilet roll or a pallet of wholesale toilet rolls. Ok so its not the most interesting of items to talk about and it does not have well a sexy image and that is what makes it even more fun right?

So what do you have to do and more importantly what do you get to win? Well to enter the competition you either write into us with your suggestions, post them on the blog or on another blog and let us know. Or if you are super cool and have the imagination and the video equipment then video your idea or video yourself telling us your ideas. Again just let us know send an e-mail or post a comment.

So what are you going to win well this is what it’s all about right, the chance to win a prize? Well as we are talking about toilet rolls how about a year’s supply of them? On top of that for the winner we will supply the toilet rolls you need for your wacky ideas and if you don’t have the equipment to video it we will sort that too.

Now think of the notoriety you will get for such an inspirational idea and all the associated viral links you will get from You tube and other social networking sites the end video will be showed on and talked about on.

So will you rise to the challenge will you be the winner of such a fantastic prize? Will you be the person or people most admired on the social networking sites be the envy of all the You tube views? Or will you simply just read this and think I cannot think of anything and continue your same old boring life?

Email me at


Look Whats in my Room!

Ever stopped in a hotel and had a free gift or a service that was well a little bit different from the norm? Well I have stopped in a number of hotels and to be honest I have only had a few “out of the norm” experiences and I can count them on one hand. I can also tell you which hotel, B&B or guest house these experiences where had in.

If anybody where to ask me a nice place to stay in **** place, I would reply firstly with the hospitality accommodation I had received the most memorable extras. As it stood out for me at the time and I can still remember the experience. Ok secondly would be the cheapest place I stayed or the place where I had the best barging as cheap is not always good!

So if you own a hotel, B&B or guest house what will you provide for your guests that makes their stay well that little bit more memorable? Well there are many things you can do some will cost money, some will take energy and some will just take time. However whichever ones you chose I assure you it will definitely be worth the effort.    

So a quick rundown of some of the things you can do for free that make a huge difference. The biggest and most memorable “treat” we received was a crocodile no not a real one however it did a great job of guarding the beds! The crocodile was made from two towels and two little sweets for its eyes: see the picture.
Now this would take a little practice to do and may take an extra 5 mins per room however think of the impact it would make on somebody the first time they saw it! You could do a different design every few days or everyday if the guests are only with you for a weekend. And if you cater for children it would go down a storm.

Watch out for the next blog where I will discuss some other cool treats you can give your guest for free or little money.

Could guest supplies be next or is it the quality of the toilet rolls.
Surprising News isn’t it?
This may seem a bit of an odd blog post today however I thought I would share this with you as I found it to be quite interesting. I was trawling through the reports you can do with Google Analytics on our website www.dwsupplies.com. Now I was surprised to find out what the most searched for keyword phrase was and the most popular page on our website due to this.

Now before I start to tell you I would like you to think what page that may be. Ok so I will give you a fighting chance thinks about what “subject” it may be then and we can take it from there.

So what have you got as a subject to chose from I hear you cry, well there is paper hand towels, guest supplies, hand soap, dispensers, black bags,  toilet rolls, mops & brushes, gloves, cleaning chemicals oh and the list could go on.

So there you have it the most popular page is amongst the above list so what are your thoughts? Well you may have been right if you thought it was toilet rolls however would you believe it when I tell you that it wasn’t  just toilet rolls that was being searched it was wholesale toilet rolls. Yes wholesale toilet rolls trumps all the other searches however dispensers and guest supplies ran a quit close 2nd and 3rd .    

So the question I would like to ask you is have you searched for wholesale conventional toilet rolls? Or a deviation of it such as toilet rolls wholesale? If you haven’t why not as everybody else seems to search for toilet rolls that way and to be fair I do understand why they do as it works out much, much cheaper to buy in quantities we sell in.

So don’t miss out on a bargain and have a look at the rest of our wholesale deals to see how much you can save. 
Toilet Rolls Domestic or Commercial Compared
A client of ours recent asked us to do a consumption report for them on their toilet rolls system they already had. We where only too happy to oblige as we already knew the answer to the question which is why we advised to change toilet roll systems in the first place!
Firstly I think it important to note what the client already had and then work through a full comparison with the new proposed system and then offer the results to see what your thoughts are. I am sure you will agree with our finding and I am positive you will be surprised by the results!

The client was using a normal domestic sized toilet roll system and they were getting through a between 10-15  rolls a day ( they were convinced they were being stolen as well as used!)  And with the number of staff they have something was going wrong for sure!
Now on a standard domestic sized toilet paper roll you get around 200-240 sheets per roll. Our 320 sheet toilet rolls are larger than the norm however they were still getting through them!

We suggested moving to a commercial size toilet paper the mini jumbo toilet roll and toilet roll dispenser system to stop the pilfering and also slow down the usage. So let’s get down the maths so we can offer a comparison.

Our 320 sheet toilet roll has 35 metres per roll and a pack has 36 rolls so 1260 metres per pack. At £10.19 a pack that works out @ less than a penny a metre in fact 0.008p

Now compare that to a mini jumbo with 150 metres per roll with 12 in a pack so that’s 1800 metres  @ 13.16 a pack that works out at less than a penny a metre also and actual fact 0.007p.

So what do these figures mean in English?

Well the Mini jumbo roll is the most economical as its cheaper per metre and to highlight this fully if you where to buy the equivalent of a mini jumbo pack length of 1800 as domestic sized rolls they would cost you £14.40.

So with everything being equal the mini jumbo option will save you £1.24 a pack compared to the equivalent in 320 sheet toilet rolls.

Initially this does not look like a huge saving however if you take into account the number of rolls being used on a daily basis and calculated the savings over a year at 10 rolls a day usage for an average 5 day week the savings are around £90 a year.

All that for just using a different system! On top of the savings you also have reduced chances of theft or damage and also there is less time spent changing rolls as the mini jumbo roll is 4 and a bit times longer (the jumbo toilet roll is the next option at 8.5 times longer even less swapping time) than our full sized  domestic toilet roll.

This is the first of many posts regarding hotel supplies. All hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses need supplies, these  guest supplies range from simple key tags right the way up to beds and wardrobes.

What defines a hotel is the quality of its supplies and the way the supplies are arranged used and replaced. What I will be talking more about in these blog posts are the more specific hotel supplies that are supplied by
www.dwsupplies.com and www.hotelguestsupplies.co.uk both of these site supply some fantastic disposable products used by hotels and guest houses.

The supplies I wish to tell you about are the regularly seen miniature guest soaps and hotel shampoos shower caps and shoe shines.

Many hotels, B&B’s and guest houses offer complimentary products which help facilitate their guests stay. These products commonly include hotel soap, hotel shampoo, hotel bath & shower gels. There are many other extras that can be offered and they include body srubs, body lotion, conditioner, shower caps, vanity kits, shoe shine, dental kits, shaving kits, sewing kits and even loofahs. Liquid soap in the form of pump dispensers are another great way to offer their guest simple washing facilities.

These liquid dispensers are often complimented with shampoo, shower gels, conditioners and hand & body lotion.
There are many different ranges on the market with many different styles colours shapes and sizes. There are of course different grades designed for different costs and budgets. This can be difficult to spot to the uninitiated with many medium budget products offering quality names and style. Some ranges offer sheer opulence at a really low price.

This means that even the most budget conscious hotelier can offer their hotel guests fantastic guest supplies with no need to raise the price of the overnight stay.
I will be writing more about each individual product over the next few posts so please keep coming back to the blog for updates.

 Toilet paper is a soft paper based product tissue paper used to maintain personal hygiene after using the bathroom. It differs in composition somewhat from facial tissue as most modern toilet paper used in the developed world is designed to easily breakdown and decompose in both normal sewers and septic tanks, whereas some other bathroom and facial tissues are not. This is often the course of many a blocked drain and it is essential not to flush away products that will not breakdown quickly.

Most septic tank manufacturers advise against using paper products that are non-septic tank safe and this information is often found on the labels of specialist toilet rolls. Toilet tissue has many different names most of which are well known with some of them being slag terms such as "loo roll” “ bog roll”, “bum wipe”,  “bathroom tissue" and many more. Did you know toilet paper has many commercial names too?  Jumbo toilet paper, mini jumbo rolls, luxury toilet rolls, 200 sheet rolls, multi flat, bulk pack, interleaved and standard.

Toilet paper comes in many different ply types, ply is the amount of layers to a sheet;  there can be  one-, two- and  three-ply, or even thicker, meaning that it is either a single sheet or two, three sheets placed back-to-back to make it thicker, softer, stronger and more absorbent.

 Colour, scents, and embossing may also be added, but fragrances sometimes cause problems for consumers who are allergic to perfumes. The other difference between toilet paper is the width of the toilet roll.

Some rolls are 95mm or more some are less than this so cheap rolls are most commonly “slimmer” than there more expensive counterparts. The other big difference between toilet papers is the distinction between virgin paper (pure pulp) products, which are formed directly from chipped wood, and those made from recycled paper. Most toilet paper, however, whether virgin or recycled, is wrapped around cardboard cylinders.

Waste bin bags whether white clear or black are the most important product for cleanliness and general hygiene in either the home, commercial business school or other public sector operation.

Did you know that there are also yellow bin liners however these are slightly different as they will not be taken and disposed of by the regular bin man. They are yellow to denote clinical waste, clinical waste can only be disposed of in the correctly licensed organisations.

Of course the Biotech black bin bag or black bin sack is the most popular choice for many to dispose of all kinds of waste. The white bin bags are very popular for the office and other commercial properties. They are used to line the individual bins or square bin liners as they are also commonly known as. They are much thinner and a much lighter gauge than the black bags as they are much smaller in size so do not carry the same weight as the full sized black bags.

Of course there are pedal bin liners as well as the square bin liners which are both white in colour. The clear bin sacks are most commonly used in the commercial environment they are often used in the shredded paper departments as there is no foul looking waste so no need for a colour the bag to stop the view.

Now the waste bin liner is designed produced and sold to be thrown away how crazy is that that a products only purpose is to be thrown away, it really is money thrown away however could you imagine life without waste bin liners I know I could not so it’s well worth while spending the money and buying the right product for the job however not paying more than you should do as wasting money is not wise!

Hand towel or hand dryer?

Ok quick question which is your preferance?

Paper hand towels?

Electric hand dyer?

Cotton towel on a roll?

They all have their plus points and their bad points. Some cost some enviromental and some just hygienic!
We only supply hand towels so I will always have a "personal preferance" I just wnat to know what you would like to use to dry your hands and what you currently use.

For more details on out range of paper towels click the
paper towels tab on our website


August so far

We are having a great August so far which is great news. August has always been a slow month. This is mainly due to the main factory shut down, and the 6 weeks school holidays. With 40% of our core business made up of Schools and large industrial factories we really should have notice a slump.

However due to a lot of work carried out on our website www.dwsupplies.com we have seen more and more new customers coming from all around the country. We deliver all of our local deliveries to the Wolverhampton and surrounding areas with our own vehicles and use DHL for our UK wide carriers.

This is how we can stay so competitive on prices. We even have wholesale deals where we use our buying power to do deals with the manufacturers who deliver direct to you miss us out further saving you money on delivery costs!

 With a full range of products on offer from the miniature hotel
guest soaps right the way through to pallet sized orders of
centerfeed rolls we really are a one stop shop.

To view the whole range of products on our home page here


Duck Island guest supplies

Duck Island is our new range of guest soaps and guest supplies. The Duck Island range of guest supplies is tailored to give the usual home comforts to away from home travellers. Most hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses offer at least miniature soaps with some offering shower gels and shampoos as well.

Our Duck Island range also includes miniature body lotions,Conditioner, 2 sizes of miniature guest soaps, vanity kits, sewing kits, shower caps and smaller, easier to use single use sachets of bath & shower gel and separate shampoo.

We have included the Duck Island range to complement the existing range of affordable guest supplies already on offer. The miniature guest soaps are the most popular product in the range as they are the most highly used. Followed quite closely by the 30ml bath and shower gels.

Each guest soaps come individually wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapping which not only keeps the soap clean and fresh it also gives a clearly visible seal, This seal reassures your guest that the soap has not been used before!

To help with the stocking and budgeting of smaller Hotels, B& B’s and Guest houses we offer the products in smaller quantities. Our smallest pack is 50 units next is 100 then 150 and the full size pack is 200.


Massive 30% Discount Sale

Just a quick note so you dont miss out on a huge sale we are having on z-fold paper hand towels. We need to make way for new stock so these z-fold blue paper towels have got to go.

They are priced to seel and when they have gone they have gone so be quick. To see more of the z fold blue paper towels  here 


Lotus Z-fold Paper Towels

I thought I would write to tell you more about the lotus z-fold paper towels we supply. The Lotus marathon and normal z-fold paper towels are one of most popular supplied hand towels.

Lotus is a well known name and is manufactured to a very high standard however still  manages to stay reasonably priced. This could be why these paper towels are so popular.

The Lotus brand is owned by Gerorgia Pacific which is an extremly well known company that exports paper products all over the world.

We also supply the z-fold and marathan dispensers for the lotus range of z-folded paper towels.

You can see more from  our range of Lotus products here   

dwsupplies.com  supplies a full range of paper disposables from many of the worlds biggest names


Did you Know ww Went Eco?

Did you know that we supply a huge range of eco friendly products? Well we do and we are pretty proud of them too. So whats in the range I hear you say!

Well you can view the full range  of eco products    on our website or just click the relevant links below.

Eco friendly Cleaning chemicals.

These  products are made by Greenline and represent some of the best eco products currently avaliable in the market place.We supply hand soaps, hard surface cleaners, Glas and satainless steel cleaner, Floor maintainers and even drain cleaner how good is that?

We also have a range of  paper products made from 100% recycled paper  which is recycled in an ecofriendly way too unlike some other manufacturers out there.

Our eco friendly paper products are avaliable here

The range includes paper towels, toilet paper, wiper rolls and center feed rolls. These products have been produced by some of the worlds best know  manufacturers such as Kimberly Clark, Lotus, Tork and Katrin.

Now  there is no excuss for you not  being green even when you clean!         


Guest Soaps

We have had a huge call for these over the last few days. Now this isn’t that unusual to have a run on a product what is unusual is the fact that these guest soaps wasn''t purchased by Hotels, B& B or guest houses.

It’s a quite time of year for the Hotel industry which it is why these orders simply stood out from the page. I was curious of who was buying these soaps out of season and what did they know that I didn’t!

It turned out that the soaps where for two schools One in Scotland and one in London. Bothe wanted over 400 bars of soap. Now my mind was working overtime I needed to know why a Middle School and a Comprehensive was purchasing miniature unwrapped guest soaps

My curiosity got the better of me so I set of to find the answers. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that both schools where using the soaps as part of an assembly on hygiene at school. With the release of the recent TV campaign encouraging people to wash their hands after sneezing to help stop the spread of viruses.

If they can educate the children the parents soon follow and there will be a huge decrease in sick days and trips to the doctor. I think it’s a great idea and more schools need to look into running similar campaigns. The soap costs less than a day’s pay for a "stand in teacher" and will help keep pupils and teachers much healthier.

Has your school run a similar campaign? If not, why not. Get on to the teachers and help spread the word not viruses.


Its all about Mops

Its looks like people are going mad for mops at the moment! I know that the prices have gone up for all sorts of products over the last 6months and that the price of raw materials for making mops (wool/Yarn and cotton/twine) has gone up by 10-15%

We have always managed to keep our prices ultra low and have not passed on these increases to you the consumer. This is because we have such great relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

The most popular mop we have at the moment is the 12oz Kentucky mop. This mop is one of the smallest Kentucky mops available. This makes it one of the favourites for female cleaners as it is not so heavy to move around when fully wet compared to the 16 and 20oz mops.

The Kentucky mop is the easiest mop to use especially when used in conjunction with the Kentucky mop bucket and wringer mopping system.

Acceptable Payments

Special Offers
200 Black Bin Bags Light Weight - 5kg - FANTASTIC OFFER £9.00 (previously £11.39)
Jumbo Toilet Roll 60mm (2 ¼") & 76mm (3") Core - SPECIAL OFFER NOW ONLY £11.35
Maxi Jumbo Toilet Rolls 60 and 76mm core sizes - SPECIAL OFFER NOW ONLY £13.00
White Centrefeed Rolls 2 Ply
Blue Centrefeed Rolls 2 Ply
Taylor of London Natural Starter Pack - Fantastic Offer - £36.90

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